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By delivering this computing, storage and applications as a service, not a product, the cloud offers both a cost and business advantage. The cloud moves all these services off-site to either a contractor, or a centralized facility. Centralizing the data allows the cost to be shared amongst all the users. The cloud accomplishes what IT is always seeking to; increase computing capabilities, without having to provide a new infrastructure. The possible uses of cloud computing are exponential. Users interface with the cloud through their web browser, eliminating the need for installing numerous software applications.

Cloud Solution Services Include:

A Comprehensive assessment to determine whether your organization’s infrastructure, servers and requirements are ready for cloud migration.

Application development that addresses solution design and architecture, front-end design, and upgrading existing applications to the newest version for improved reliability, security, and access.

Iterative migration to achieve a high level of user adoption, along with meeting and exceeding pre-established goals.

Complete integration of your on-premise applications with those existing in the cloud.

24/7 support that includes monitoring and database administration support, including strategy, high availability, disaster recovery, and governance.

Data and business intelligence integration on-premise or in the cloud, to ensure that authorized employees and departments can access the data.

Applications management for those apps you move to the cloud.

Cloud Services

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